Happiness of passions

Decoration shop with chalk painting.

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Lake Témiscouata Dam and its interpretation site

The level of Lake Temiscouata is artificially controlled by a dam about one kilometer upstream of the town of Dégelis, which was erected to meet Lake Témiscouata and the Madawaska River.

Municipal Library - The Old Convent

Located in the basement of the city hall, it offers a very large selection of books and magazines. Various services are offered to you: section of reference books with work tables, high-speed public Internet access stations.

Park Inn

Here you’ll find a thalassotherapy center that has an international reputation, a restaurant with fine cuisine, and a charming manor.
Aliksir, boutique et distillerie d'huiles essentielles et d'hydrolats biologiques

Aliksir Interpretation Center and Boutique

This interpretation center is the site of a distillery and boutique for essential oils. At Aliksair you will find aromatic treasures from Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Amqui Campgrounds

A camp site with 146 places for visitors located on the shores of the Matapedia River and near the Matapedia Lake.

Anchor Restaurant

Regional cooking at the historic Fishing Bank.

Arbrasuc Tree Adventures

Aerial tree-to-tree zipline adventure site with 5 circuits, and 52 games. For friendly and active get togethers.

Atkins et Frères

Our company, in operation since 1993, emanates from a deep family tradition for gastronomy, coupled with a great curiosity for culinary culture and all that relates to the pleasures of the table.

Auberge Des Cevennes

Mere steps from the covered bridge and walking trails. Featuring a menu of local wild game and a table where there is good food and good wine.

Auberge du passant ‘Presbytère St-Gérard’

Catalane et Languedocienne specialties. Dining with reservations only.

Auberge du Presbytère

Restaurant serving original gastronomical cuisine using local foods.

Auberge Jacques-Cartier

Café, resto-bar and accommodations. Box lunch services for your excursions.

AventuRA Labelle

A 360-degree video immersion that immerses the public in a historical fiction through an 8-track outdoor course that leads to the discovery of characters, highlights and sometimes unknown sites. All the details at the information desk of Labelle.

B&B La Petite École

Bed & Breakfast, La Petite École, conveniently located near the tourist attractions.

Baie-Saint-Paul Golf Club

From the fairways you will have superb views of the sea, forest and mountains and their changing colours depending on the season.

Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site

Learn about the story of the Battle of the Restigouche by visiting sections of the authentic ship and other artifacts from 1760.

Beluga Sightings

Relive your childhood and let yourself be seduced by one of the most amazing shows in nature.


Resting site overlooking the Ashuspmushuan River Falls.

Bicycle Trail

Come and discover our municipality on the back of a bike and enjoy the peaceful ride.

Bike Trail

Pedal, relax, and let yourself be seduced by the region’s charms.

Bike Trail

Mount your bicycle to discover our magnificent region.

Bike Trail, Bourg de Pabos Park

Take advantage of the bike trails to see the sumptuous countryside.

Bike trails

Biking enthusiasts will be happy to discover our new bike trails that are 11 kilometers long and cut right through the heart of the boreal forest.


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Birch Reserve

Situatedonly15 kms to the north-west of Forestville, the reserve is considered to be a veritable wild paradise.

Bistro L'Anse

One of the most beautiful terraces of Quebec with local dishes and crafted beers.


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Black Bear Sightings

With a seasoned guide, come observe and discover an impressive animal in a safe enclosure.


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Blais fish market

Fresh catch of the day sold daily as well as salted and dried fish.


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Bleu Lavande

Located in Fitch Bay, near Magog, Bleu Lavande is the largest lavender farm in Canada and the second largest in North America with over 100,000 true lavender plants.

891, chemin Narrow
Canton de Stanstead, Quebec, J0B 3E0
1 888 876.5851

Bleuetière l'or bleu

Located in the beautiful Stanstead region, this farm boasts more than 6,000 blueberry plants.

Border Circuits

The Circuits Frontières trail system is part of the Hereford Forest nature conservation easement. Located in a beautiful remote corner of the Eastern Townships, on the borders of New Hamsphire, Vermont and Quebec.

Bourdages Tradition Farm

Ferme Bourdages Tradition is a family business inherited from father to son since 1821. Processing strawberry and rhubarb.

Bourg de Pabos Park

This historic site has the archeological remains of one of the first “Seigneuries” of New France.

Bourg de Pabos Park and Walking Trails (Parc de Bourg de Pabos)

The Parc de Bourg de Pabos is an exceptional natural site whose trails will lead you to discover a majestic forest.

Boutique and workshop of eco-designer AnnyMay

Come and discover AnnyMay in her workshop and boutique where she creates unique Quebec designs of clothing, bags, jewelry and more.

Burbank Pond Nature Interpretation Center

3.5 kms of trails that allow you to discover and observe the flora and fauna of the area.


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Butcher Chemin du Roy

In this butcher shop you will find more than 20 local farmers who sell their meat here including veal, beef, pork, lamb, goat as well as prepared meats such as sausages, pâtés and more.

Campbell Lake Trail

This 4.4 km trail has been made from stone dust and wooden bridges, It is a favorite of the local residents.


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Canots et kayaks sur les plages de la rivière Rouge!

Canoe and kayak

In the heart of Labelle, the waters of the Red River lend themselves beautifully to canoeists and kayakers.

Canopy Beds (Canopée Lit)

Canopée Lit is an eco-tourism accommodation option that offers you nothing less than sleeping in one of the four cabins perched like a bird’s nest.

Cap-Chat Winter Ski Center (Centre de Plein-Air de Cap-Chat)

The center offers you a variety of sports as a way to enjoy nature in wintertime. With all the natural snowfall, skiing and sliding are some of the top activities.


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Cape Jaseux Adventure Park

The park offers 73 aerial challenges, including a zip-lining course that was added in 2008, for those who love intense experiences.

Cape Lauzon

Cape Lauzon is an enchanting site, a peninsula jutting out into the St. Lawrence. This was a strategic point used by both the military and travellers of the past.

Cape St.-Anne

Site dedicated to meditation and prayers in the name of St.-Anne.

Cecaurel Outfitters (Pourvoirie Cecaurel)

On the edge of the Kiamika Reserve, the outfitter offers accommodation in the form of cabins or camping, as well as boat rentals to get a wholesome outdoors experience.

Celestial Polaris Gardens (Jardins Céleste Polaris)

This garden has a celestial theme and is part of a larger circuit of gardens based on the solar system.

Cercle de pierres

Le cercle de pierres est un lieu de paix, de réflexion et d'inspiration.

Chandler Marina

The marina has a 4 anchor rating. It has good facilities and is located right near the heart of downtown Chandler.


418 689-2444


Soak up the peaceful atmosphere in this small heritage chapel.

Château Montebello

Built in 1930, the Chateau Montebello was once a private club. The building was transformed into a hotel after being bought by Canadian Pacific in 1970. To this date it is the largest circular log structure and it is the pride of Montebello’s citizens.

Chemin du Roy Interpretation Center

When driving on the Chemin du Roy you will find he interpretation centre which is situated on a site with an incredible panorama of the St. Lawrence River.

Chevrotière Mill (Moulin de la Chevrotière)

This imposing stone building dates from 1802. Here you will find several exhibitions, including a permanent heritage exhibition as well as contemporary and fine art temporary exhibtions.

Chianti Pub

Pub with a warm hearted atmosphere, serving food and beer on tap.

Chic-Choc Mountain Lodge (Auberge de montagne Chic-Chocs)

Perched 615 m high in the Reserve faunique de Matane, the first mountain lodge in Eastern Canada promises you an unforgettable experience.


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Cloudberry House (Maison de la Chicoutai)

Both a store and an ecomuseum, it’s a must see!


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Club nautique de la Batture de Nicolet / Marina Mr B

Since 1955, this boating club has earned a fine reputation for the services it offers it members and visitors.


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Club nautique de la batture et rampe de mise à l'eau

Since 1955, this boating club has earned a fine reputation for the services it offers it members and visitors.

Colby-Curtis Museum

A museum of history located in a magnificent, recently restored residence built of granite in 1859 for the Colby family.

Controlled Management Zones (Zecs)

Plunge into nature and our take advantage of our numerous hotel packages.

Cross Country Skiing

If you are a beginner or an expert, the Labelle Cross Country Ski Club invites you to take advantage of its 25 kilometers of trails.