Become a Village-relais

The Village-Relais programme is managed by the Ministry of Transport. You can see the details of the eligibility requirements by visiting the department's website (page in French).

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Have a population of 10 000 inhabitants and less.
  2. Be located on a national road belonging to the Ministry of Transport's Strategic road network or on a national or regional road recognized by the Touristiques1 Road and circuit signalling program. The sections of these roads and tourist circuits on local roads are not eligible.
  3. Comply with the following distance criteria:
  • No municipality may be chosen within a section of 40 kilometres defined from a municipality of 20 000 or more inhabitants;
  • Only one municipality can be chosen within a 80 kilometre stretch;
  • A minimum distance of 40 kilometres shall be separated from the designated municipalities in contiguous sections of 80 kilometres.

Basic Services

The services listed below are the minimum services that must be available all year round, either in high season (June to September) or in low season (from October to May). All these services must be accessible to persons with restricted mobility, with the exception of those marked with an asterisk, within the time limits set out in the action plan.

More than one establishment in the same category can meet the schedule requirements.

Quality facilities

In order to fulfil its mission of reception, the Village-relais must also present assets which highlight the village, while retaining its peculiarities and its own identity. These villages are networked and offer a homogeneous range and quality of services, but also a representative diversity of Québec's heritage and landscape richness.

Tourist attractions

The Village-relais offers attractions that can be of a natural or cultural nature, of a heritage character (history, architecture, archaeology, etc.) or contemporary (festivals, activities, curiosities, etc.). It can also be of tourist interest, offering road users an opportunity to extend their stay either in the village or in the vicinity. It plays a showcase role and becomes an opportunity to discover the regional tourist offer.

Urban areas

The Village-relais is the subject of special care in the development and maintenance of public places in view of the variety of the spaces concerned (entrances, approaches and village nucleus).

The different spaces offer a quality landscape without unsightly signs, dilapidated buildings, scraps or other elements that impair the visual quality of the spaces.


The village-Relais is the subject of special care in the development and maintenance of its buildings, especially in the centre of the village, in the vicinity of the information panel and in the area where the services offered are concentrated.

The architecture and the facilities in the vicinity of the commercial buildings associated with the services of the village-relais are particularly cared for, as well as the private spaces around the houses (flowering, maintenance of the facades, absence of rubbish, etc. ).

The presence of a place of reception and tourist information approved is desirable in order to offer a more personalized welcome to the clientele of the Village-relais