La Guadeloupe

The city has experienced significant industrial development, it has always been known for its vibrant diversified economy, both in terms of its industries and the quality of its services to the population and the surrounding villages. Cement, wood, metal, processing and the sale of maple products are some of the many industries in La Guadeloupe. There are many hotels, restaurants, accommodations as well as shops and all the services you would expect to find in a city.

483, 14th Avenue, La Guadeloupe, G0M 1G0
Tel.: 418 459-3342



List of Services


Centre sportif Armand Racine

210, 8e Rue Ouest
La Guadeloupe Quebec G0M 1G0

Toilettes 24 h avril à mi-octobre
Stationnement pour tout type de véhicule.


Stationnement municipal

9e rue Est
La Guadeloupe Quebec

Stationnement 24 h
Tous types de véhicules


Bike path

Over 5 km of cycle path that begins at the limit of Rang du Lac-aux-Grelots, crosses the municipality and follows the Rivière Le Bras. You will meet lovers of walking, cycling and inline skating. A safe way to get fresh air with your family!
La Guadeloupe
corner 14e Avenue et 9e Rue
La Guadeloupe, Quebec, G0M 1G0

Cumberland Maple Products Inc

The passion, the desire to offer superior products and the will to differentiate in the maple field.
La Guadeloupe
400, 12e Avenue
La Guadeloupe, Quebec, G0M 1G0
418 459-3838

La Guadeloupe Estate

Situated on land surrounded by Maples, lakes and rivers, the Domaine La Guadeloupe consists of three sites, each as equally beautiful as the other.
La Guadeloupe
1011, 8e Rue Est
La Guadeloupe, Quebec, G0M 1G0
1 800-889-9898

Sentiers de la Gare

Come and discover our unique flora and fauna of the region when walking on our wonderful walking trails.
La Guadeloupe
1040, 8e Rue Est
La Guadeloupe, Quebec, G0M 1G0
418 459-3342 # 224