For municipal partners

Founded in 2009, the Quebec Federation of Villages-relais oversees the development of the concept and the optimization of spin-offs in the community.


The Federation of Villages-relais places its members and their partners at the heart of its concerns and actions. Its development is based on values of accompaniment and valorization of its members. His intervention encourages the participation and care of his members. It contributes to the pride and sense of belonging of the relay villages to the network, it constitutes the "commonplace" where the initiatives and practices of the relay villages converge and share. The members recognize the added value of the grouping, with its own and exclusive skills.

The values of the Quebec Federation of Villages-relais

  • Support: listening and responding to the needs of its members are at the heart of its concerns. The support is reflected in the actions of representation and promotion in respect to the diversity of its members;
    Sharing: its actions go beyond the dissemination of information by establishing a real sharing of knowledge and practices among members, with each other, using collective tools and unifying activities;
    Creativity: dialogue is the basis of relationships with members and partners to find solutions and alternatives in response to issues and concerns that seem to have no outcome at first glance;
  • The quality of the services: the search for coherence in the development, the follow-up and the improvement of the services with regard to the needs of the customers, while ensuring the adequacy with the capacity of each Village-relais;
  • Attractiveness: the potential for development and the maintenance of the quality of life are valued in order to allow specific attractiveness for each Village-relais;
  • Belonging: activities that encourage the mobilization and pride of people towards their Village-relais are encouraged by the valorization of the projects carried out by the municipalities.

The Federation operates on several levels:

  • Representing and working on behalf of the Village-relais municipalities in connection with the ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable (MTMD)
  • Following up on the implementation and development of the network
  • Promoting the Village-relais program to the public using different media
  • Facilitating communications between members to encourage the sharing of information and promoing the liaison between the various partner municipalities
  • Developing partnerships with complimentary organizations who are related to the program and its mission as well as developing complimentary activities
  • Finding solutions to answer the emerging needs of the program
  • Implementing joint projects