Frequently Asked Questions

Are you driving and want to take a break from the road? Stop in one of our Villages-Relais in complete safety to take advantage of the services and attractions!

A Village-Relais is a municipality recognized by the Government of Quebec which offers, with the help of its merchants, a variety of services and attractions in a pleasant and safe stopping place. Located along well-known national and tourist routes, the Villages-Relais are there to offer you places to rest, have a snack, stock up, refuel and much more! Consult the page What is a Village-relais for more information.

Lots of things! Each Village-relais has a list of activities and places to discover. We also provide a few printable circuit for those who prefer adventurous, intellectual or delicious discoveries.

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Consult our website to plan your next trip with us!

Go to our website to find our List of Villages-relais, where you can filter your reasearch by region, and plan your next trip accordignly! While driving, stay safe and be on the lookout for road sign with our label to identify your next stop.


Easy! Follow the sign with our label to find our Information terminal. Useful information can also be found on our website.

Borne d'information

There are 2 kind of services. Basic services are provided in all our Villages-relais (gaz station, food, comms, etc.). Support services are here to add more to the existing services, but are not guaranteed in all of our Villages-relais (lodging, parking, etc.).

Go to our List of Villages-relais on our website to find every services of our network. Our responsive website also provide a map where all of our services are checked.

No. While the Village-relais program wants to provide safe resting area at anytime, some towns restrict access to these parking lots. To learn which parking lots allow night long stay, please check our appropriate list on our website.

Since the program is made for town, there is sadly no public membership. To stay in touch with the Villages-relais network, you can sign up to our newsletter.

To learn more about the process, please follow to link to the Transport ministry website.